Everyone loves to have screenshots. As you can see below, while the backend is largely complete, the front-end needs some more love.  The widgets have changed again from the first look post. For a newer look at RoseNMS, look at the 2016 update post.

Main Screen

The first screen you see when you login has some totals and then a pie-chart of the status of the interfaces. The idea here is to get a quick overview of how things are in the network.

Main Screen 2015


Events clearly display what has been going on. The colours give a very quick overview. You can see some good things happened recently and then almost a wall of bad red stuff. The blue line in the wall of red is a mid-level event.

Events 2015

The events are usually attached to an attribute (the fourth column). Depending on the event, it may turn into an alarm to change the state of the attribute. e.g. make the attribute icon go red.


Attributes are things you want to monitor on a host, such as a network interface. Each attribute has its own page that will give details about it, any events on that attribute and the default graph for that attribute type.

Attribute Page 2015



If you click the graph button from the Attribute screen (above) you can then see further graphs of that attribute. The selector boxes are still roughed in and will be some sort of jquery pop-up but you can see 2 of the 3 graphs selected, with the boring error graph off the screen.

Graph Page 2015