Using Bootstrap Theme

For quite a while I have been using the basic jquery objects to build up a somewhat spartan RoseNMS. With the newer versions of TurboGears using bootstrap for the underlying CSS framework I thought there were plenty of bootstrap related themes, surely I can find one that suits.  The theme had to have enough examples to fit a Network Management System, rather than just a blog statistics page like most seem to do. It also had to have a license I could use as it forms part of RoseNMS.

After some searching, I have chosen the Gentelella bootstrap theme by colorlib. This is a nice clean theme that has plenty of example features which I can build into RoseNMS items.  It wasn’t just a matter of loading the theme and off you go; the various components needed to be converted into ToscaWidgets 2 widgets to be useful.

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Renaming RoseNMS

Today I have pushed all (or hopefully all) the required differences in the source files to change the name of the project.  Originally it was called Rosenberg NMS, named after a lizard or heath monitor that lives in this parts.  The name was cute but cumbersome.

I’ve cut it down now to just RoseNMS with no space in between. This will also fix the nightmare of using a space, hyphen or underscore in various pieces of the code. All three were used but with no space in between, there is no confusion.

The site URL remains the same at however the read-the-docs url has changed to fit with the new name:

Rnms now using TurboGears 2.3.2

While the website might of been idle there has been a great deal of work behind the scenes (unless you’re looking at github) updating and improving RoseNMS, the python based Network Management System. The code has had a great many changes including:

  • Updating the TurboGears based code to 2.3.2
  • Simplifying the admin back to TG standard using the Twitter Bootstrap option
  • Making several GUI changes to make it easier to switch screens or get more information
  • Update to the pysnmp module to the latest, which is a much better module
  • Changing from paste to cliff for the command lines and bringing it all into one binary

I’m hoping to get to release one in the next few months. The back-end is largely complete with some work required on the daemon and also more webGUI work to make sure its easy to get the right information at the right time.


First Look at RoseNMS screens

More work has gone into the various GUI screens for RoseNMS. While still early days, these screenshots give an idea of the final program.

Host Map

The maps have been updated and now just use CSS for layout, rather than hard calculating the coordinates using javascript. This gives a cleaner and more fluid look to the maps. Hovering over the map item will show more details about the item. There are maps for hosts (shown) as well as attributes.

Attribute View with information, graph and events
Attribute View with information, graph and events

Attribute details show some information about the attribute, the default graph and the events. Clicking on the more button above the graph takes you to the graph page for that attribute.


Finally the graph handling is completely re-written with the concept of graph templates. These are basic types of graphs. The one shown is the basic “lines” template that shows… lines! Only things required are the RRD data source, the multiplier, the legend and how you want the units shown. From that the program builds all the required VDEFs and CDEFs.

RNMS on GitHub

Rosenberg NMS is now found on GitHub at

The code is still pre-alpha but it is now available to try out.  This means you can try out this new network management system. I have done this to hopefully shake out some of the bugs before the first release.  The program has minimal documentation but does work, kinda.


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